Jul 23, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for a conversation with first-time guest Donna Connely, of Empowerment Psychotherapy. Ms. Connely has an MA in counseling and our conversation is on “Domestic Violence: the victims (women and men) their children and their families and pets.” Virtually every one one of you reading this knows of someone who has experienced domestic violence. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung.



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Jul 16, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for a converation with Amy Williams. Ms. Williams makes her home in Lincoln, NE and is a licensed massage therapist, energy healer and teacher, and musician. Our program theme is “Tips for Sleep: Are there UNUSUAL things preventing you from sleeping? Clearing the Demons in your Head OR Above your Bed!” Tune in for some practical methods you can use to get a great night’s sleep.



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Jul 9, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Our good friend and colleague Preston Dennett joins us for a show based on his latest book, “Not From Here: Selected UFO Articles, Volume 2.” Preston is a veteran researcher and member of our EUP radio program team and handles the opening segment every first Saturday of the month with “the Seen and the Unseen.” I’m pleased to have him on for a full show.



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Jul 2, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,</>

Please join me for an interesting conversation with our long-time friend Fr. Justin Belitz this Saturday morning ! Fr. Belitz is a Franciscan Priest and is the author of “Success: Full Living,” “Success: Full Thinking,” and “Success: Full Relating.” Fr. Belitz will talk about the Silva Method of Meditation, and the importance of a practice like this in the present times.



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