Aug 1, 2015 by mike

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Filmmaker and researcher Jennifer Stein and experiencer/author Travis Walton join me for conversation about their new documentary film, “Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton.” From the movie website: “Travis Walton, while working in the Sitgreaves National Forest on November 5, 1975, clearing underbrush with a team of 6 other men, stumbled upon a 40 foot hovering disc of unknown origin on the crest of a ridge. While leaving the forest that day around 6 pm, Travis, convinced the craft would depart before any of them had a good chance to look at the craft, jumped from the passenger side of their work truck and ran toward the craft for a close up look. That decision would change his life and that of his work crew for the rest of their lives.”

The experience that Travis Walton had with that craft and occupants – and being missing for five days, and, the ordeal that the six men on the logging team had, is arguably one of the most documented UFO close encounter cases on record. The film tells the story of not only what happened on November 5, 1975, but as importantly what happened in the days, months and years to come.



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Jul 26, 2015 by mike

Due to transmitter problems at KZUM Saturday morning, this is the last 37 minutes of EUP. If anyone recorded the web stream and can share it, please let us know.

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome Grant Cameron to the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio program. Grant resides in Canada and has over 40 years of research into the UFO situation. He’s the author of the new book “Alien Bedtime Stories.” “(Alien Bedtime Stories) contains 71 of the most popular UFO stories for ADULTS from the files of a researcher’s 40 years of research. They were gathered together to create a collection of shorter stories that could be read at bedtime or anytime the reader has a couple minutes” (from Mr. Cameron is an expert on UFOs and the President, the Canadian government’s knowledge of UFOs and the connection between modern music and aliens (from the back cover of Alien Bedtime Stories).



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Jul 18, 2015 by mike

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Jody Duke and members of Southeast Paranormal Investigators in Nebraska (SPIIN) join us again for a program of Ghost Hunting and Investigations. This is another EUP program in the series “Nebraska Ghosts.” Mr. Duke and his team were last on the EUP program April 27th, 2013. The archive of that program can be heard worldwide free of charge here, . Jody Duke and his team are from Fairbury, NE.



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Jul 11, 2015 by mike

Hello folks,

Fr. Justin Belitz makes his annual appearance on the EUP radio program and joins us live in-studio for converation about meditation and being in balance in a world often appearing to be out-of-balance. Fr. Belitz is the author of “Success: Full Living,” “Success: Full Thinking,” and “Success: Full Relating.” Fr. Belitz said in a recent e-mail: “We need to get people to realize that they are all Powerful Spiritual Beings!!! If we want the world to change for the better we need to check the thought process.” Fr. Belitz is teaching a Silva meditation class in Omaha, NE with a free introductory class on Monday July 13th – contact Karen at for more information.



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