Sep 30, 2012 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for conversation with the “Queen of the Paranormal,” Rosemary Ellen Guiley! The author of dozens of books and an encyclopedic knowledge of the paranormal, Ms. Guiley has co-authored with Rick Fisher a new book, “Ouija Gone Wild: Shocking True Stories.” Many of us grew up with at least one experience with a Ouija board and this show will cover the good, the bad and the bizarre with Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s expert guidance.



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Sep 28, 2012 by mike

Hello Folks,

This Saturday, September 22nd, 10 am – 12 noon Central Time, we all have an important mission.

Our goal: $1,500 in pledges of financial support to KZUM Radio, 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE; listen live worldwide via . Scroll down past my signature to see the folks who have pre-pledged this week and helped us raise $275 in advance pledges !

We can do this, but we need your help. Each one of you !


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EUP 9-15-2012

Sep 15, 2012 by mike

Hello Folks,

Nick Redfern makes a return visit to the EUP radio program to talk about his new book “The Pyramids and the Pentagon: The Government’s Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts, and Lost Civilizations.” As a fortean researcher, Nick Redfern has a number of interests and he draws from those sources in his research and writing projects. Always an interesting and stimulating guest!



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Sep 8, 2012 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for conversation with first-time guest Tobias McGriff, author of “Savannah Shadows: Tales from the Midnight Zombie Tour,” and founder of Blue Orb Tours of Savannah.



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