Mar 28, 2015 by mike

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Our guest this Saturday is P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. The author of many books and recognized world’s expert on the near-death experience, P.M.H joins us again to talk about her research that led to the book “Future Memory.” [This book] “is about people who “live” the future before it physically manifests, and remember having done so. This pre-living is so totally real and utterly involved that there is no way to tell the difference between present time and future time while the phenomenon is in progress. Sensory rich, Future Memory suggests that the future can somehow overlay the present, enabling an individual to “rehearse” or prepare in advance for what is about to happen in life” (from .)



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Mar 21, 2015 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for an interesting conversation with Janet Lingren, Ed.D. Dr. Lingren is a licensed psychotherapist in Lincoln, NE, in private practice and offers individual and couple counseling. Dr. Lingren has an Ed.D. in Guidance and Counseling. Dr. Lingren has many years of experience with dream analysis using the Jungian approach. I was fortunate to have been part of a small on-going dream interpretation group led by Dr. Lingren. She co-hosts “Dream Talk” every second Sunday of the month 3-5 pm, at Fox Hall (formerly Antlers), 2501 South Street (big house on the Southwest corner of South Street and Sheridan Blvd), Lincoln, NE. Dream Talk is open to the public and is every second Sunday.



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Mar 14, 2015 by mike

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I hope you can join me for an interesting conversation with first-time guests Betty Andreasson Luca and Bob Luca. We will be talking about “The Andreasson Affair,” authored by Raymond Fowler and re-printed by New Page Books with additional information. We’ll also be talking about life before, during and after contact with ET’s, which includes a high-level interest by aspects of the U.S. Government in the day-to-day activities of Betty and Bob Luca. “Secret government agencies invaded the Luca’s private life. The constant harrassment included telephone tapping, covert surveillance, and numerous over-flights by black, unmarked military-style helicopters. Tax audits by the IRS was also another form of harrassment used on the Lucas” (from!government-docs/c1vt9 .)



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Mar 7, 2015 by mike

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Peter David Shapiro is back to talk about his new novel “Portrait of Ignatius Jones.” Mr. Shapiro was previously on the EUP radio program November 2nd, 2013 with his novel “Ghosts on the Red Linel” and his archived EUP radio program can be heard worldwide free of charge here: . “Portrait of Ignatius Jones” is his latest novel and Dr. Frances Gourmelon (also appears in “Ghosts on the Red Line”) is on the trail of a supposed psychic portrait of Ignatius Jones that when looked at appears to provide a portal of sorts from which the spirit of Ignatius Jones (murdered in 1903) can and does communicate with the viewer. “A mind-bending story of psychics, con-men, and the paranormal in peaceable Vermont…” (from the backcover of “Portrait of Ignatius Jones.”



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