Jun 25, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Please join me for conversation with our friend and colleague Rebecca Ann (Texas). She is a talented spiritual medium, psychic, teacher and life coach. We’ll be doing live mini-readings with Rebecca Ann and the listening audience.



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Jun 19, 2016 by mike

We need you !!!

Are you an Exploring Unexplained Phenomena Soundbacker?

Show your support and make a donation Saturday June 18th, (any day is good) 2016 during the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio program (EUP) and be a Soundbacker !

Our goal is to raise $1,500 for non-profit non-commercial KZUM Radio. We raised over $2,060 during the Spring 2016 fundraiser.

29 people donating $70 each…we will set a new EUP fundraiser record! Help us out and put your money where your ears have been.

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Join me this Saturday morning, June 18th, 2016 for conversation with Dr. Jan Lingren, Ed.D. on Dream Interpretation, 10 am – 12 noon Central Time. It’s the KZUM Radio Soundbacker Fundraiser so we’ll also be taking your donations at 402-474-5086 during the program, or anytime online at .

When the dreamer begins to understand that there is “someone or something” at the other end of the dream who loves them unconditionally and wants the best for them, it’s a life-changing experience. I personally believe that the Dream Maker is an aspect of the Creator.



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Jun 11, 2016 by mike

Hello Folks,

Robert Damon Schneck is a “historian of the strange.” As a collector of strange-but-true tales, he has previously appeared four times on the EUP radio program. His last appearance was October 25th, 2008 and can be heard here on the free EUP archive and podcast website thanks to the good work of Mike Lauver, webmaster. EUP2008-10-25pdcst.MP3 . It’s indeed been too long and I’m looking forward to talking with Robert Damon Schneck about his book “The Bye Bye Man and Other Strange-but-True Tales” (previously published as “The President’s Vampire.”


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Jun 4, 2016 by mike

Please join me for conversation with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, authors with Frank Thayer of “The Aztec UFO Incident: The Case, Evidence, and Elaborate Cover-Up of One of the Most Perplexing Crashes in History.”



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